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Research and Production Enterprise PRORYV proposes joint scientific research, product development and promotion of finished products on the European and American markets.

Our strategy includes three main points:

1. Taking contemporary European and international standards into account, we are aimed at internationalizing our products, developing new electromagnetic compatibility testing hard and software systems, and promoting them on the global market.
The international standard development in the field of electromagnetic compatibility testing systems requires additional efforts on the forward enhancement of the experimental and testing database.

2. We focus on adapting our territorial real time PQ monitoring system based on PRORYV- KE PQ analyzer to new European and international standards, and contributing to the joint promotion of the product on the markets.
This cooperation area will provide suppliers and consumers with a number of advantages.
Electric power suppliers will get tools for continuous PQ parameters measurement in the power distribution networks control points that are vital to the efficient management of electric power production. It will also allow the supplier to work out specific requirements for individual consumers.
Moreover, electric power consumers will have the right to use high quality electric power. In this respect, the consumer will obtain an event specific database for different types of electric power related accidents insurance (personal, personal accident, personal, municipal, state and commercial property, and environmental). Furthermore, the consumer will have the opportunity to optimize industrial energy consumption modes in compliance PQ standards.
In addition, the system will enable the electric company to monitor the power facilities technical and insulation conditions, system earthing loops, neutral earthing, and chosen operating mode of the distribution network.
The system also ensures the nonstop monitoring of relay protection system operations, UPS systems, lightning arresters, and system protective devices.
Consumers will be instantly informed of emergencies, such as short circuits, voltage dips, voltage surges, and fire threats.
Thus, the system is very relevant for business organizations or private persons using equipment that needs high quality electric power to operate. As a result, the system users will have the permanent access to receive reliable technical information on PQ.

3. Our company stimulates the cooperation to shepherd European and international projects, as well as electromagnetic compatibility related products into the Russian market along with promoting of PRORYV’s original products on the international market.